FORTECO Tilp Up Walls | Lafayette Testing

Lafayette Testing Addition, Milwaukee, WI

FORTECO Framing was used for construction of tilt up walls for this light manufacturing project. The 4,000 sq ft. addition was constructed using the FORTECO Tilt-Up wall System with convention steel roof framing bearing on the FORTECO walls. The FORTECO walls had Hardy Panel stucco finish installed prior to installation of the FORTECO wall panels […]

FORTECO Lightweight Composite Floor Framing System for 2nd floor of 5 Diamonds Mezzanine Sports Facility

5 Diamonds Sports Training Facility, Waukesha, WI

A 4,000 sq. ft. mezzanine was constructed in this new building using the  FORTECO Lightweight Composite Floor Framing System.  The floor framing featured heavy floor loading requirements of 125 psf and a 5’ cantilever over the block support wall.   The FORTECO Floor Framing was panelized for this project and installed in a fraction of […]

Good Harvest Market Tilt Up Walls Construction - FORTECO Composite Framing System

Good Harvest Market, Waukesha, WI

Fully Engineered, Assembled Frame Panels FORTECO Tilt-Up Wall Framing and FORTECO Lightweight Composite Floor Framing were used on this health food store project.  The FORTECO Tilt-Up walls were constructed during a brutally cold stretch of winter due to the integral insulation built into the system.    The FORTECO wall framing construction began in December and […]

Whitewater Garage | Residential Project Implemented Basement Walls and Flooring using FORTECO Framing System

Residential Garage, Whitewater, WI

FORTECO® team used well thought out engineering to create framing panels that built the garage quickly and in cost-effective way. Step 1: Garage Structure using FORTECO Panels FORTECO® team engineered and assembled the framing panels for the walls and roof of the Whitewater Garage. See the Garage structure built by placing assembled framing panels in […]