Engineered, Fully Assembled Panels Are Easily Handled on the Construction site

FORTECO® panels are engineered for required structural support. The assembled panels have built-in insulation foam and support for pouring concrete on site.


See in this video, the step in constructing basement walls - placing the panels in their position. Since the concrete can poured into the wall panels after being put in their final position, handling of the panels at the construction site is simple without requiring heavy equipment.


FORTECO® Lightweight Composite Framing System cuts down the labor cost, and simplifies construction at the site.

The Integrated Panels Ready for Pouring Concrete

FORTECO® panels have built in support to install and secure in place.


With basement and first floor walls, the wood sides are attached on the back. With this the concrete can be poured in place. >>

Well Designed System For Basement Walls

The walls have required structural support, insulation and required anchors to hang dry wall from inside.>>

Pouring Concrete for Basement Walls

The concrete can be poured with easy access for that.


With only four inches thick concrete wall that can be poured in place, requirement to handle heavy equipment is eliminated.


See in this video concrete being poured for the walls. >>

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