Good Harvest Market Tilt Up Walls Construction - FORTECO Composite Framing System

Good Harvest Market, Waukesha, WI

Fully Engineered, Assembled Frame Panels

FORTECO Tilt-Up Wall Framing and FORTECO Lightweight Composite Floor Framing were used on this health food store project.  The FORTECO Tilt-Up walls were constructed during a brutally cold stretch of winter due to the integral insulation built into the system.


The FORTECO wall framing construction began in December and the store was open for business in April showing the speed at which the FORTECO tilt-up Wall and panelized Floor Framing can be constructed.


The FORTECO Wall and Floor Framing panels are assembled at the FORTECO fabrication facility and delivered to the site where concrete is poured in the panels and composite floor deck.


Tilt Up Walls Construction

The height of the building required to  use tilt up walls.

With fully assembled frame panels already shipped and ready at the site, FORTECO® team guided contractor with pouring of concrete for the walls. With only four inches wide concrete in the tilt up walls, moving the walls in position for securing became very easy.

See in this video construction and installation of the tilt up walls.


Floor Framing

The floor frames were secured in place. With detailed engineering of beams and re-bars the floor framing system had the structural design to pour the concrete.

See in this video, the FORTECO® Floor Framing System creating the floor for the market.

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