FORTECO Basement Walls | Project : Whitewater Garage

Detached Garage with Forteco basement walls and Forteco Floor Framing with room below garage.


Step 1: Garage Structure using FORTECO Panels

FORTECO® team engineered and assembled the framing panels for the walls and roof of the Whitewater Garage.

See the Garage structure built by placing assembled framing panels in the video below.

Step 2: Structure Ready on Site to Pour Concrete

Lightweight FORTECO® panels are easy to handle and secure in place. With integrated insulation foam and support with beams and re-bars, construction team got the structure quickly ready to pour concrete.

Step 3: Pouring of Concrete

Step 3: Completing Construction with Roof

Concrete poured to build the roof of the building.

With easy access and support for running electrical wiring and hanging dry walls, the garage construction was complete very easily.

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