Cost & Time Savings:  The FortEco® products offer lower upfront costs than traditional commercial building systems such as steel, pre-cast and poured in place concrete.  The FortEco® panels may be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to construct poured concrete floors, in certain instances up to 90% time savings for floor installation improving overall construction schedules by up to 50%.  In many instances use of the FortEco® system saves 10% of the total building cost and cuts overall construction time by up to 30% while lowering the building life cycle costs.

Strength:  The FortEco® floor and wall systems offer greater strength and rigidity for the cost than what is available in the market.  A lower depth to span ratio than conventional   methods provides more headroom or less building height being ideal for adding floors into existing spaces or high-rise building projects.

Energy Efficiency:  The FortEco® products offer a leap in thermal performance over traditional structural systems that do not have built-in insulation.  Yet, the FortEco® pricing structure allows for the FORTECO product to be competitive with any of the newer wall systems such as structural insulated panels (SIP) and ICF walls.

Eco-Friendly:  The FortEco® products offer a sustainable framing option for homes and businesses.  The floors and walls are waterproof, inert and made from recycled and recyclable materials whereas typical wood frame construction has problems with off-gassing, mold, rot and insect infestation.  Many times toxic pesticides and fungicides are used to prevent the problems associated with wood construction making the LWS option a much healthier solution.

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