The patented FORTECO Lightweight Composite Framing System (LCF) utilizes interlocking light gauge steel and concrete with integral rigid insulation for versatile, lightweight yet strong floor and wall framing. This ingenious system is ideally suited for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential projects. FORTECO’s eco-friendly building system lowers total construction costs and shortens construction schedules  while  offering  numerous  green building design and construction options and advantages. FORTECO Framing is cleverly designed to offer wall and floor construction with less than half the weight of standard concrete framing systems.  FORTECO Framing has integral rigid insulation, reinforced to support concrete allowing for all-weather construction and excellent sound attenuation while providing the highest R value in this market segment.  The result is a system that is less costly and installs faster than legacy concrete and steel building systems.  FORTECO Framing provides a high performance building envelope that integrates seamlessly with today’s new green building technologies making “Net Zero” building construction a reality. FORTECO Framing is available as a pre-engineered, pre-fabricated and panelized  wall and floor building system.  FORTECO wall and floor panels are assembled and delivered to the project with concrete installed at the jobsite with minimal labor and equipment.  FORTECO wall and floor framing can also be installed as components by carpenters and concrete contractors with only a screw gun needed to assemble the framing.  Installation of the FORTECO system is available nationwide or training is provided to qualified contractors.  All projects are engineered to the project specifications with shop drawings available as a component submittal.  Certification testing is ongoing and will be tailored to meet the needs of your project.    Edison Awards for FORTECOCLEAN TECH Energy Award for FORTECO


Pre-fabricated concrete composite floor panels

Components for concrete composite floor panels

FORTECO® Floor Framing System >>


Basement walls (option to assemble on site) >>

Tilt-up Walls >>

Multi-story wall construction


FORTECO Framing for Lake Country Ballpark in Oconomowoc, WI
FORTECO Framing for Lake Country Ballpark in Oconomowoc, WI

See FORTECO® Framing System in Use - PROJECTS >>

FORTECO Advantage, One: Fully Pre-Assembled Panels

FORTECO Framing System is pre-engineered by FORTECO engineers using a proprietary software to define the depth of beams and wall thickness required to meet the specified design intent.

Structural rebar is placed on the wall panels prior to shipping doing away with any need of assembly on site, reducing the cost of labor significantly.

The light steel gauge and the foam use for insulation make the panels much lighter than any other concrete composite panel in the market, reducing the size of the building’s structure and doing away with heavy equipment to install.

FORTECO is the only system in the market that ships pre-engineered and pre-assembled ready to pour.

See details of this fully engineered, assembled framing system in this video >>

FORTECO Advantage, Two: Cost-Effective, Simpler Tilt Up Walls

Since FORTECO Framing System is much lighter in weight, the pre-assembled frames can be easily shipped.

FORTECO Wall Framing system requires only four inches of concrete which is easy to pour on site.

Due to the wall’s light weight, installation and handling is much easier and efficient reducing significantly installation times.

Exposed light gauge steel studs allow for easy installation of any interior wall finishes and the open web steel makes installation of electrical, and plumbing simple.

Excellent customizable R value is achievable varying the thickness of the components such as the radiant barriers and the insulation. Ideal for sustainable construction and Net Zero buildings.

See details of concrete pouring and wall erection in this video. >>

FORTECO Advantage, Three: Floor Framing System

FORTECO Floor Framing System is delivered per-assembled to the construction site. If required, it can be delivered in individual components to be assembled on site.

FORTECO Floor Framing System's light weight significantly simplifies handling and installation. It does not require the use of heavy lifting equipment.

Pouring of concrete is simple and does not require additional form work or shoring of the panels.

Installation of HVAC, plumbing and electrical equipment is simple given the open web design of the pre-engineered steel beams.

With the use of a 3” thick concrete panel the floor panels are ideally suited for on-floor radiant heating as it is the ideal thickness for concrete heat distribution.

See details of the installation pouring and finishing of the floor panels in this video >>

FORTECO Advantage, Four: Basement Walls Assembly, Pouring

FORTECO Lightweight Composite Framing System simplifies significantly the construction of basement walls.

The wall panels are shipped pre-assembled including exterior wood panels that serve as concrete forms.

The pre-assembled, pre-engineered panels are installed prior to pouring of the concrete. Pouring of the concrete is done through the top opening of the wall panels, simplifying the process significantly reducing construction times.

The exterior wood forms are the only element of the walls that needs to be removed after the concrete is set and dry, saving significantly in labor costs.

See details of the basement walls installation and concrete pouring on this video>>

Cost & Time Savings: The FORTECO products offer lower upfront costs than traditional commercial building systems such as steel, pre-cast and poured in place concrete. The FORTECO panels may be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to construct poured concrete floors, in certain instances up to 90% time savings for floor installation improving overall construction schedules by up to 50%. In many instances use of the FORTECO system saves 10% of the total building cost and cuts overall construction time by up to 30% while lowering the building life cycle costs.

Strength: The FORTECO floor and wall systems offer greater strength and rigidity for the cost than what is available in the market. A lower depth to span ratio than conventional methods provides more headroom or less building height being ideal for adding floors into existing spaces or high-rise building projects.

Energy Efficiency: The FORTECO products offer a leap in thermal performance over traditional structural systems that do not have built-in insulation. Yet, the FORTECO pricing structure allows for the FORTECO product to be competitive with any of the newer wall systems such as structural insulated panels (SIP) and ICF walls.

Eco-Friendly: The FORTECO products offer a sustainable framing option for homes and businesses. The floors and walls are waterproof, inert and made from recycled and recyclable materials whereas typical wood frame construction has problems with off-gassing, mold, rot and insect infestation. Many times toxic pesticides and fungicides are used to prevent the problems associated with wood construction making the LWS option a much healthier solution.

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