FORTECO Framing Company has completed many projects to date with its first pilot projects beginning in 2010.  The projects have grown in size and scope over the years with consistent validation of the technology.  The recent installation of the roll forming manufacturing allows for large scale commercial projects and much lower pricing.

Installation of the FORTECO Framing System can be done by Forteco Installers or we can provide guidance and technical know-how to make sure the project is completed properly and in a timely manner.

Engineering of the FORTECO Framing System is provided in house thru the Founder’s engineering company, Jendusa Design & Engineering,  with shop drawings and component submittals (if needed) provided with all projects.  Additional Design, Engineering and Construction Management services are also available if desired.


FortEco Framing | Light Weight, Energy Efficient System

Good Harvest Market

FORTECO Floor Framing System for Flooring of this Supermarket |  FORTECO Wall Framing System  for Tilt Up Walls

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5 Diamonds Mezzanine

40,000 sq ft Second Floor of the Sports Facility is Built using FORTECO Floor Framing System

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Whitewater Garage | Basement Walls, Roof Built using Lightweight Composite Framing


Residential Project | FORTECO Floor Framing System and Wall Framing System used for Construction

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Lafayette Testing

FORTECO Wall Framing System used For Tilt Up Walls Construction

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Granary Apartment building

FORTECO Floor and Wall Framing

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